Find Out the Nutrition in Jicama

Let’s learn about the nutrition in jicama. What is jicama? It’s a root plant that has a big shape of brown turnip or potato. We can eat it raw as it has a mild taste with a crispy quality. Eating jicama raw with salt and lime juice is the best thing we can use.

However, not only that, because the jicama is also very delicious when taken with a variety of other fruit into fruit drinks. Hot atmosphere in tropical areas will be more refreshed after drinking it, and also of course essential vitamins and minerals will soon enter into the body.

Sometimes, people use jicama in some dishes. This vegetable is good to eat every day. Jicama has a close relationship to sweet potato and it can grow as big as 5 pounds. Before eating or cooking, we should peel it well.


What Can We Get? 

What can we get from jicama? A cup of this vegetable provides 48 calories and no fat. Most of the nutrients contained in this vegetable are carbohydrates. It isn’t a good protein source as it only provides 0.90 grams of protein in a cup of jicama. In the term of fiber, jicama offers 6.5 grams of fiber each cup.

Jicama is a good source of fiber as it improves our digestive health. This food also helps us lower our cholesterol level as well as reducing weight. Eating jicama also helps us to control blood sugar.

Vitamin also becomes the nutrition in jicama. Eating raw jicama provides 39% of the daily requirement of vitamin C. Jicama also provides at least 15% folic acids of our daily need. This food contains potassium that has the same amount we can get from a peach. Potassium is useful for balancing fluid and controlling blood pressure. Overall, jicama is a real deal when it comes to nutrition. We can also use this vegetable in some dishes including salad.

Aside from nutrition in jicama, we need to learn about how we use it in other food. We can combine it with other fruits to make a fruit salad. Jicama is perfect pair of watermelon, mango, and other tropical fruits.

Each of them offers lots of nutrients for health. Jicama also becomes a suitable addition for green salads without fat of nuts or croutons. In summary, we should take the advantages of eating jicama as it gives not only nutritional benefits but also uses in some dishes like salad or others.


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