Why can not I get hard: Erectile Dysfunction Can Happen Due to Several Factors

Why can’t I get hard? All men will feel sad when they have problem on their genitals until they could not make their wives satisfied when having sex. There are various reasons that cause the penis does not work optimally. One of which is due to erectile dysfunction, or better known as impotence.What is erectile dysfunction that becomes something very terrible for all men?

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a common problem experienced by men, particularly for those who are 40 years old and over. A man with this condition will have difficulty in starting and maintaining an erection and they can feel a decrease in sexual desire.

There are several things that can cause you to experience impotence or erectile dysfunction. Here are of Reviews those causal factors.

why can not I get hard1

  1. Alcohol and Smoke

Cigarettes and alcohol are the main cause that can make you experience impotence. If you consume alcohol and smoking in excess, then in the near future you will experience erectile dysfunction so you can not make your wife satisfied when having sex. Therefore, we recommend you to avoid alcohol and smoke and live a healthy life.

  1. Injury

The second factor is caused by an injury. If you have an accident such as when you play football and then the ball hits your genitals, then it can make you suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, this only happens for some people. Or for example when you are cycling and then you fall and something hits your penis, then it will allow you to experience erectile dysfunction either.

  1. Depression

If you want to make love, at first you should make sure that you are in a state of good mood. Otherwise, you will not have the spirit and make your penis does not work well. Depression can also cause you to have erectile dysfunction, but it only occurs temporarily. When your good mood returns, then your genitals can back to normal. And, importantly, you should consume healthy foods that contain L-arginine to make your penis stronger.

Those are three reasons why you can suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction. If you do not immediately cure it, you may find difficult to cure it later on.

In summary, why can’t I get hard? The question now gets its answer. Therefore, you have to avoid everything that can make you suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction.


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