White Pearl Engagement Rings: Buying Guide

Before the diamond reaches the popularity and makes most people believe that engagement ring should be diamond; pearls engagement rings were the popular choice. However, the pearl still has the special place in the fashion and jewelry lovers. Pearl can go with any kinds of outfit indeed, from casual to elegant look can be matched with the timeless pearl.

If you are also think that engagement ring should no always be the diamond; then the white pearl engagement rings are a good option for you. There are basically two kinds of pearl according to the water; the fresh and saltwater.

white pearl engagement rings

While from cultivation, there are two kinds of pearl; the natural and cultured pearl. The natural pearls are of course far more expensive than the cultured and also more difficult to find. Both the cultured and natural pearl receives permanent enhancement to improve the appearance or change colors.

However, the unenhanced pearl usually more expensive that enhanced one. In the market, the pearl’s quality is labeled with different codes. The E or B label means that the pearl has bleached treatment or furnish with white color.

The D label means that the pearls has been dyed to other colors such as blue-black, blue, rose, golden, and many more. While the R label means that the pearl has the color changes through irradiated from the original color to bronze, gray, black, or blue.

If you are planning to buy the white pearl engagements rings; the factors to see a good pearl are size, color, uniformity, shape, superb luster, and surface. Before purchasing, you should browse for information about your favorite pearls and the precious metal choice.

You cannot just put a good quality pearl with poor quality metal such as low carat gold or silver. You should also beware of the ring holder since it affects the overall appearance of the pearl engagement ring. For a fancier ring, you can combine the pearl with diamond or other precious gemstone. Also, you have to make sure that you buy the pearl ring from reputable jewelry to ensure the quality.

The pearl wedding ring is the right choice for you if you want something different and classy at the same time. It will certainly be a pleasure for you and your lover. Conceivably during the wedding ceremony and the use of the ring, there will be a lot of people are happy to see that wedding rings be your choice.


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