Food Influential Against Bad Men’s Health

Toxins are not only from exposure to chemicals and pollution that is happening around you. Toxins can be hidden in the foods you eat and threatening the health of your body. But unfortunately, not every man or men who are aware of it. Though they are under threat due to health consuming unhealthy foods.

As beings who are less attentive to their health condition, he must know some foods that could potentially be toxic to their bodies. Here are some foods that are poisonous and dangerous for men’s health.

food influential against bad men's health

Artificial sweeteners

High fructose corn syrup is found in food packaging is a type of artificial sweetener most consumed. But have you ever wondered why you always feel satisfied when you eat sweets? Because these substances interfere with the performance of leptin, a hormone that is responsible for sending signals to the brain that you feel full. It is therefore not surprising that these substances can lead to diabetes and obesity.

Canned food

In addition to canned foods high in preservatives that can harm health, the packaging of canned foods contain BPA or bisphenol-A. These substances are known to cause cancer and give adverse effects on reproductive health and lower quality of male sperm.


Flavorings does have a remarkable effect in supporting the taste of your food. In addition to MSG, the flavoring also has a name like a shield flavor other foods. Although helpful to improve the taste of food, you have to be careful with side effects caused. Because according to research from the Washington University School of Medicine, capable MSG is a neurotoxin that is capable of causing damage to your brain cells.

Processed foods that you normally consume was able to turn into a dangerous poison. Therefore, limit the consumption of these foods and offset by increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Healthy life by eating natural foods is a great way to maintain your health.


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