Basil Benefits for Men and Women’s Health

Basil is a plant with a special aroma that is usually used as food ingredients and vegetables by the community. Basil leaves have a lot of content of vitamin A and vitamin C.

In addition it can be used as one ahan pelezat food, basil leaves can also be used in traditional health sciences for men and women. In this article will describe some of the benefits of basil.

basil benefits for men

Benefits of Basil

Treating Whitish

Inside there is the content of basil leaves natural antibiotic that kills germs that cause vaginal discharge. How to wear them is to eat them raw basil leaves with rice.

Besides being able to avoid a whitish, basil also able to keep the aroma of reproduction in order to remain savory. By doing so, you will feel confident when in close contact with your husband.

Overcoming Bad Breath and Healthy Eyes

In the leaves of basil are many vitamins and one of them is vitamin A which is very good for eye health.

By eating basil will treat the infection that attacks the eyes. In addition to the eyes, scent out of the basil leaves will also make our mouths to be fresh. Basil leaves can also be used to treat body odor, therefore a lot of traditional herbs containing basil leaves.

Against Early Menopause

Behind the distinctive aroma, basil is an herb that can be used as medicine delay menopause. Basil is the leaf which contains tryptophan which could hinder the arrival of menopause.

Therefore, if you want a slower experiencing menopause and basil consume every day. In addition, the substance of tryptophan in the basil leaves are also able to inhibit the formation of wrinkles on the skin and remove dead skin cells. By doing so, you will become more beautiful and healthy.

Fertilize Man

Arginine substances in turns basil leaves can be used to fertilize the man and prevent infertility, because these substances prolong the life span of sperm in a man’s body.

Stimulating Egg

Basil leaves can help the process of maturation of the egg (ovulation) for substances stigmaasterol in the basil stimulates the maturation of the egg (ovulation).

Smooth Milk

Basil leaves also can facilitate breastfeeding. You can use as a salad friend to eat rice.

As Anti-Inflammatory

Benefits the next is as anti-inflammatory drugs because it contains a substance cineole basil leaves myrcene and eugenol which acts as a natural antibiotic in the body.

Antibiotics are important in preventing the occurrence of inflammation in the body. That’s why consuming basil leaves can make you avoid inflammation.

Treating Coughs and Colds

Efficacy next basil leaves is as a deterrent cough and cold. The leaves are often used as these vegetables contain substances that can keep the bacteria that cause coughs and colds.

Such benefits can you get from drinking basil when warm during the winter. Besides being able to avoid cough and cold, basil leaves are also able to warm up the body so that the body can feel comfortable.

Keeping Heart Health

Basil leaves contain beta-carotene, and magnesium are very high. No wonder if the consuming basil leaves, your heart health will remain intact.

You can consume in the form of leaves of basil leaves original or a warm drink.


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